On- Demand Webinar for the fourth installment of the webinar series:
Making AI Understandable: Demystifying the black box


Chapter 4
Empowering Engineers: The Role of AI in Technical Knowledge Management


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Artificial Intelligence spicing up EPC engineering game!

Our webinar “Empowering Engineers: The role of AI in Technical Knowledge Management” got a massive response.

Our Keynote speakers, EPC engineers turned AI Product Specialists, swapped their toolkit for the smart world of AI.

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What EPC Engineers Gained


Personal Experience:

A unique opportunity to hear about the transformational journey of an EPC engineer who transitioned into an AI product manager. The speaker's experiences and insights made this a compelling watch.

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Traditional Processes vs AI:

The limitations of traditional workflows, particularly in the context of bid evaluations. The discussion then pivoted to how AI can help overcome these challenges, making processes more efficient.


Practical AI Applications

The specifics of AI's impact on technical bid evaluations, bolstered with practical examples and case studies, a deep dive into real-world applications of AI in engineering.

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Future Scope:

Towards the end, the speaker set the stage for future discussions about the evolving needs of the industry in the context of AI, offering a glimpse into the future of engineering workflows.

Why Watch The On-Demand Webinar?

  • Future-proof EPC engineering career with a deep understanding of AI applications.

  • Learn how AI can assist in faster decisions, especially in complex bid evaluations.

  • Boost your workflow efficiency by learning how AI cuts down on time and errors.

  • Connect, exchange ideas, and open doors to collaborations with fellow professionals.

Our Keynote AI solution specialist

Our solution specialists took the engineers through their journey of being an EPC engineer to EPC AI product specialists!


Nitin Kavade

AI Product Manager

Mintmesh Corporation

Shammi Apurva

AI Product Manager

Mintmesh Corporation