Built on Engineering Language Processing (ELP) building blocks enabling digital transformation and auto-tracking progress of each technical bid tabulation within a project

Time for Digital Transformation for Project Management is Now !

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So many bid tabs at any given time. Getting a real time update is not only challenging, it takes a lot of follow up and compiling of information to get a good, realistic view of where we are in the process of completing the bid tabs. I wish there was a system that could give me these updates in real time.
Now there is. RUDY will give you a real time update on bid tabs on any given project. No more emails to be sent to the engineers and no more follow-ups needed.  

We work with the same set of suppliers, and some of them keep making the same mistakes. Isn’t there a way to build a supplier scorecard based on their responses and amount of technical queries created?  

Yes there is. With RUDY, you can measure and identify the gaps in their first-time offer. You can measure the amount of technical queries raised and the supplier’s response time. And you can share your scorecard with the suppliers so that they can get monitor their progress and get better. 

The engineers have a very good handle on the details. I am interested in quickly knowing how well the supplier complies with overall scope of supply and deviations to terms.  

We hear you. With RUDY, you can get all these details instantly based on supplier's responses. Deviation lists are automatically created for Piping and Instrumentation discipline based on their responses.

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