Built on Engineering Language Processing (ELP) building blocks enabling digital transformation and auto-tracking of each enquiry from respective EPC’s during the techno-commercial offer submission and bid finalization stage.

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You Ask

RUDY Delivers

It is next to impossible task to track hundreds of emails with EPC’s across multiple projects and items. So many emails and so many spreadsheets. There got to be an easier way.  

We hear you. RUDY’s collaboration suite allows you to keep track of all your queries by item, by project and by EPC. No need to fill up spreadsheets and send emails. RUDY will help you manage all that and also remind you when due dates for these queries are approaching. This will help you access all queries in one place so that you have easy access to information you had agreed to with the EPCs. 

Can I see how EPCs compile my offers into Bid tabs? If there was a way, maybe I could provide them information that way. And yes I do not want to enter information in their format, we have invested in systems that allow us to create our offers in a methodical way. 

So you want to submit your offers in your formats, but also see how those offers are compiled into bid tabs? We hear you, and now you can. You can ask your EPC to publish the bid tab to you via RUDY. In RUDY, you can then upload your PDF offer and see how it will be seen by the EPC engineer. You can quickly know what requirements might have missed and update those before submitting the offers. This will help you improve your first time offer quality and also reduce number of technical queries 

Despite submitting offers and all information, some of the EPCs will ask standard questions irrespective of the information being in our offer and also ask to create deviation lists. Too much work and too many spreadsheets. Is there a better way? 

Yes. In RUDY, based on how you respond to the requirements, specifically for Piping and Instrumentation, discipline the deviation list will get created for you automatically. One less thing to worry about.  

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