Built on engineering language processing (ELP) building blocks enabling digital transformation and auto-tracking progress of each supplier during the technical bid tabulation process within a project

Time for Digital Transformation for Supply Chain Management is Now !

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You Ask

RUDY Delivers

Lots of emails to be tracked per supplier for every item for both technical and commercial queries. Isn’t there an easier way? 

You ask and we deliver. RUDY’s collaboration suite is the answer. Not only can engineers create technical queries, but you can also add your commercial queries to the list and publish it to the suppliers via the platform. Suppliers respond in the system. No more emails! All history and timeline is tracked in one place. When answers come back, you can select which answers you want to send back to the engineers. You can even black out financial numbers in RUDY and send all answers to engineers.  

Can I add more suppliers to the evaluation? Today our engineers do not have a lot of time for comparing several suppliers due to their bandwidth.  

Yes, you can. Given that RUDY reduces the technical evaluation time by more than 41%, you can add more suppliers. The operational efficiency is compounded by better data quality and minimizes change requests in the future due to miscommunications. 

Can I measure suppliers based on their response quality and collaboration speed?

RUDY helps the engineers understand first time quality and identify all the unanswered requirements within minutes. Number of questions and response speed can be measured. All this can be fed into a supplier scorecard to help suppliers understand where they need to improve.  

RUDY works on technical evaluation by reading, analysing, and presenting information for bid tabs. Can you do the same for commercial evaluation?  

Coming soon! If you are interested to get updates on this module, send us an email to sales@mintmesh.com and we will keep you posted on the latest updates.  

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