Join us on this magnificent Generative AI journey for OES (Owner/Operators, EPCs, and Suppliers) organizations. 

Generative AI: The Key to Unleashing Innovation and Elevating Efficiency in Engineering Projects


Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

4:00 - 5:00 PM IST

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Generative AI is transforming the game – from the way we approach designs to how we manage and execute projects.

This webinar isn’t just another talk; it’s a deep dive into how this cutting-edge technology can make your life easier, your projects more precise, and your workflows much more efficient.

"Generative AI: The Key to Unleashing Innovation and Elevating Efficiency in Engineering Projects"

You'll explore real-world applications and hear firsthand from experts who've integrated generative AI into their engineering processes, seeing significant reductions in errors and improvements in project timelines. Imagine being able to enhance your project’s precision and manage resources like never before. Plus, we’ll tackle those implementation challenges head-on, so you can stride past the buzzwords straight into actual, actionable results.

This isn’t just about keeping up with trends; it’s about staying ahead and setting new benchmarks in efficiency and accuracy in your projects.

Generative AI

Why Attend?

Innovative Problem-solving

Learn how generative AI can introduce innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges, transforming your approach to project planning and execution.

Precision and Efficiency:

Discover how to leverage AI to enhance the precision of engineering deliverables, significantly reducing errors and rework, which in turn boosts overall project efficiency.

Streamlined Workflows

Understand how integrating AI into your workflows can streamline processes, from design through construction, enabling better resource management and time savings.

Risk Mitigation

By adopting AI-driven strategies, learn to pre-empt project risks and manage uncertainties more effectively, leading to more predictable and successful outcomes.

Implementation Strategies

Gain practical knowledge on overcoming the challenges of implementing generative AI, ensuring a smoother transition and quicker adoption within your projects.


By attending, you'll not just be keeping pace with technological advancements but taking a proactive step towards transforming your engineering projects to be more innovative, efficient, and successful.

Paving the path of Generative AI for Generative AI journey for OES (Owner/Operators, EPCs, and Supplier)

Join our industry experts, thought leaders, and fellow visionaries in this transformative webinar.

Nitin kavade

Nitin Kavade

Senior AI Product Manager

Mintmesh Corporation

Selva Ganapathy C

Senior AI Technical Architect

Mintmesh Corporation

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