1683026398Technical Bid Evaluation or TBE is an organized process of evaluation and examination of a supplier’s or subcontractors technical bid documents and proposals from a technical point of view.

Today, a TBE process generally begins with the receipt of supplier offers. Requisition Engineers shortlist these offers based on examination of requirements specified in the MR package. Once the offers are shortlisted, these are shared internally with other disciplines for interdepartmental checks, and to collect comments or clarifications that need to be discussed with the supplier.

In this free eBook, “Digital Transformation of Technical Bid Evaluation Process Using Artificial Intelligence,” learn:

  • A detailed workflow description about Technical Bid Evaluation process
  • Typical elements used in the TBE process
  • How AI is evolving and helping engineers in this process
  • Benefits of using AI/Software in the TBE process  
  • Auxiliary benefits of Digital Transformation in the TBE process

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