Mintmesh has been awarded the Best Engineering Procurement AI Technology Developer 2023 - USA

Now in its fourth year, the annual Software and Technology Awards program continues to showcase diligent companies within the Software and Technology sectors. These awards, exclusively featured on New World Report, focus on recognizing the very best companies operating in the North and South American regions. The primary objective is to spotlight these companies, a feat achieved by highlighting each successful company on an international platform. In doing so, all the award winners gain the opportunity to showcase their achievements and establish themselves as distinguished entities in their respective fields.

In a highly competitive awards race, Mintmesh had the ability to stand out from the competition is a paramount factor to win Best Engineering Procurement AI Technology Developer 2023 under the Software and Technology Awards category.

This award is an epitome of Mintmesh's relevance in bringing the technology revolution and assisting EPC organization to embark on their journey towards digital transformation.

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