Mintmesh has been awarded as the "Best AI-Powered EPC Solutions Provider" under Artificial Intelligence Awards


As the third instalment of Artificial Intelligence Award, it brings an air of unrivalled sophistication and wisdom which aids the EPC organization in elevating the processes and software used.

Mintmesh Corporation is involved in the development, implementation, or application of artificial intelligence solutions across EPC sector is stoked to win the "Best AI-Powered EPC Solution Provider" under the artificial intelligence award.

No matter what kind of work EPC is doing, there are certain areas of the jobs that can be streamlined, to be more efficient, timely, and effective. Mintmesh recognized this gap and introduced RUDY: Unified Engineering Suite, allowing EPC to save up to 41% of bid evaluation time.

This award stands as a testament to Mintmesh's pivotal role in driving the technological revolution and supporting EPC organizations on their path to digital transformation.

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